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Главная » 2017 » Апрель » 13 » The causative (have smth done)
The causative (have smth done)

Grammar lesson 21

The causative. Have something done.


Step 1.

Watch the video (video1) and complete TASK № 1



Task 1.  (test 37)



Step 2.

Watch the video (video 2) and complete task 3.



Step 3.

Use the form below and answer the questions.

Which of the two videos do you find more interesting,  funnier and more useful ?

Explain your choice.


Step 4.

Complete these tasks

Task 2.

Task 3. (test 38)




Категория: Grammar (rules, tests) | Просмотров: 1165 | Добавил: englishforyou49
Всего комментариев: 14
1 Аня т.  
In my opinion, the first video is more interesting, funnier and more useful because the woman is speaking more clearly, besides i reckon the fist video is more professional that is why it is easy to understand the rule and to remember. I consider it is more interesting and funnier because there are some characters also there are some funny sketches.

2 Dasha_Peach  
In my opinion, these two videos are both funny and interesting. However, I suppose that the first one is more infomative because there are more useful information and examples to understand the rule than in the second. But the second video is suitable for someone who doesn't have much time to study and needs to learn the rule quickly because general information is given here.

3 pishenkoilya  
I suppose the first video was more enjoyable and teaching, as it considered more understandable exsamples. Anyway, the second video tought us the main formula. That's why, both videos should be viewed.

4 Андреева Настя  
As for me, I'd claim that the second video is more interesting and interactive. Although the explaination there is really rough, the story of that guy is funny and useful in order to explain the topic above. For me, as for a prson who is familiar with that grammar topic, it was more interesting to watch him play and explain at the same time.

5 kharkevich-2014  
As for me, I prefer the first video. It is more interesting, funnier and more useful. Besides, there ara more examples for different situations. Also, People in the first video are more professional and more creative, so we understand the rule better.

6 lerochka_evdokim  
I think the first video is more interesting and more useful because the video shows real examples of using the causative form. Also the first video is сlearer for understanding the rule and there are some amusing sketches.

7 anstbrj  
As for me, I find the second video more useful. It helped me to understand the rule clearly. The first video is funnier but not as informative as the second one. I didn't understand the rule because there were too many jokes and people talked very quickly.

8 matveye2000  
In my opinion ,the most instructive video is the first one, because it's contain numerous of useful examples.Also People in the first video tried to present information about the causative in a playing form, so that fact attracts me.

9 posledovich00  
In my opinion,the first video is more interesting and funnier. Both of them include useful information,but there are more examples in the first video than in the second.Spectacular examples helped me to understand the rule clearly.

10 teplyakovdanya  
In my opinion, the first video is more funnier and interesting, because of the woman gives more useful information during the video and for me it was easier to understand the rule in first video rather then second one.I guess for some people the second video is more enjoyable, but personally for me it isn't.

11 LittlemonsterKate  
As for me, I consider the first video to be the most interesting and the most useful one. I really enjoyed the way the topic was explained, the explanation is simple and clear. Moreover due to the given samples I understood how easy it is to use the causative in our every day life. I think that this explaination was hilarious and creative so I'll remember it for a long time.

12 pershina540  
As for me, I prefer the first video. It is interesting and useful. It is easy to watch. The video clearly and easily explains the topic. It is very important for me that there are examples of using causative in everyday situations. I also think that in this video the explanation is more enjoyable than in the second video. Because, in my opinion, the guy from the second video was harsh and a bit rude.

13 afanasiewaanastasiya  
In my opinion, the first video is more useful and understandable because it contains the rule with a clear explanation and illustrative examples of the usage of the rule. I consider this video as more memorable because of entartaining ways of the rule's presentation. That's why I find this video more interesting too.

14 Dana  
In my opinion, the first video is more interesting, funnier and more useful. Firstly, there's more examples. Secondly, in this video we can find a lot of funny moments.

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