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English Challenge Contest

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Challenge - 2018. Блок 8. Music Hall
08/12/2017, 10:23

Блок 8. Music Hall ( 28  points)

Задания подготовила Мигунова С.В., МАОУ ШИЛИ.

При подготовке заданий использовались методические рекомендации Романовой Н.Ю.



1. Обязательных заданий нет. Чем больше заданий и блоков выполнено, тем больше шансов стать победителем. Внимание: победитель будет определён по суммарным баллам всех блоков.
2. Сначала используйте черновик для записи ответов.
3. Задания можно отправлять
с 15 января по 10 февраля 2018 с помощью этой
электронной формы.
4. Если возникли вопросы, пиши (Наталья Юрьевна)


Главная страница с заданиями


Task 8.1. Match the idioms and their definitions. (7 points)




1. ring a bell

a) something is sold at an unexpectedly low price

2. all that jazz

b) constant repetition of something

3. go for a song

c) something sounds familiar

4. strike the right note

d) be happy and delighted

5. with bells on

e) do something suitable or pleasing

6. music to my ears

f) hear exactly what you want to hear

7. drum into one’s head

g) everything of that kind




 Task 8.2. Complete the sentences with the idioms. (7 points)


a) bought for a song

b) drummed into students’ heads

c) struck the right note

d) all that jazz

e) was music to my parents' ears

f) with bells on

g) rings a bell


1 -Grammar rules are______.

2 -It _____when our teacher told that I was the best student in our class.

3- New Year party is on Saturday. I’ll be there______!

4- Let's get out the tinsel, the fairy lights and ____to decorate the Christmas tree.

5- Some obsolete gadgets can be______.

6 -His description of that place______, but I don't think I've ever been there myself.

7 -We don’t know how he managed to do it, but he just_____ and got excellent mark.


 Task 8.3. Listen to the song and answer the questions. (6 points)


8.3. A) Which of the lines you haven’t heard in the song?

a. the days are shorter now

b. the nights are colder now

c. I wonder where you are today


8.3. B) The word «footsteps» means…?

a. footmark

b. an animal's step

c. anger


8.3. C) Which of these phrases is a line from the song?

a. It was only a winter's tale

b. It was only a winter's scale

c. It was only a winter's tail


8.3. D) Which of these prepositions is from this line «a world wide scale»?

a. on

b. in

c. from


8.3. E) Which of these verbs is from this line from the song «But everybody ……. it's hard»?

a. knows

b. thinks

c. feels


8.3. F) Who sings this song?

a. a man

b. men

c. a child



 8.4. Form grammatically and lexically right words to complete the text. (8 points)



A group of famous 1_______ (music) who are concerned about the 2________(survive) of some types of classical music came up with an idea.  Their 3 ______(argue) is that an interest in classical music should be developed in early 4_________(child). They reject the idea that children are 5_______(interest) or necessarily find it boring. The group goes to different schools and gives a live 6_______(perform) of a short classical piece. This piece is simple but always performed with great 7___________(music). Then this is followed by an explanation of how the instruments work. These sessions have proved so 8__________(success) that they have now become a regular feature in some schools.







Задания можно отправлять с 15 января по 10 февраля 2018

с помощью этой электронной формы.



Главная страница с заданиями



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