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English Challenge Contest

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Challenge -2018. Блок 6. Restaurant
02/12/2017, 18:16


Блок 6. Restaurant (55 points)


Задания подготовили Матвеенко К.В. и Романова Н.Ю., МАОУ лицей № 49



1. Обязательных заданий нет. Чем больше заданий и блоков выполнено, тем больше шансов стать победителем. Внимание: победитель будет определён по суммарным баллам всех блоков.
2. Сначала используйте черновик для записи ответов.
3. Задания можно отправлять
с 15 января по 10 февраля 2018 с помощью этой
электронной формы.
4. Если возникли вопросы, пиши (Наталья Юрьевна)




Главная страница с заданиями


Task 6.1. (10 points)
Listen to the text and complete the sentences with words you hear.


It also gives you 1) _________ to grow well and stay healthy. 
Your body needs proteins to build 2) _________.
3) ________ products, like milk, cheese, and yogurt, also contain proteins.
4) _________ give your body energy.
Your body 5) __________ sugar quickly, so it gives you energy right away.
We can also get fats from plant product and vegetable 6)________.
Your body needs vitamins to stay healthy and fight 7) ____________.
You can get Vitamin A from vegetables like carrots or 8) __________.
Your body needs minerals. You need 9) __________ for strong bones and healthy teeth.
You can get 10) ________ from red meat and eggs.



 Task 6.2. (5 points)
Every country has typical dishes that are popular with local people. These dishes are often made in a traditional way, with special ingredients.
Match the names of the dishes with their descriptions. 


1) mole poblano

a) Spicy dish made with cabbage, onions, garlic, chili peppers and salt

2) custard

b) Hot dish made with vegetables and meat or seafood, also some nuts and dried fruit like raisins.

3) kimchi

c) Creamy pudding made with eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla.

4) pasta

d) Thick sauce made with chili peppers, nuts, seeds and spices, and chocolate.

5) tajine

e) It’s made from wheat flour, comes in many different shapes with different sauce.


 Task 6.3.
What countries do these dishes come from?
Write down the country.


A)  mole poblano    ___________
B)  custard   _____________
C)  kimchi   _____________
D)  pasta  ______________
E)  tajine  _____________


 Task 6.4. (9 points)
Unjumble the letters to make the correct names of food item.
Match the food items (1-9) with the pictures (a-j). There is one picture you don’t need.

1) korp
2) shacpin
3) zeprlet
5) etnagenire
6) gabuiene
7) sagrapaus
8) yrolespa
9) wpran




 Task 6.5. (10 points)
Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1) Would you prefer ______ potatoes or chips?
        a) poached    b) ground   c) mashed   d) powdered
2) I bought this bread four days ago and now it is ______.
      a) stale           b) off           c) bad          d) rotten
3) Don’t forget to buy a packet of ______ peas.
       a) chilled        b) frozen     c) frosted    d) chilly
4) Can you give me the ______ for this pie? It’s delicious.
      a) prescription   b) instructions   c) ingredients  d) recipe
5) There was a wonderful smell of _______ bread in the kitchen.
        a) cooking       b) roasting    c) baking     d) grilling
6) Don’t buy those fish, they aren’t very _______.
      a)fresh            b) new           c) recent       d) young
7) I’d like to eat more of this cake, but it’s very ________.
       a) fat       b) fatty     c) fattened    d) fattening
8)Waiter, I can’t eat this meat. It’s under- ________.
          a)done      b) developed    c) nourished   d) weight
9) Is the hamburger for you to eat here, or to ________?
          a) go out            b) take away     c) carry on      d) sit down
10) That was fantastic. Could I have a second _________, please?
          a) plate       b) course            c) helping        d) service


 Task 6.6. (16 points)
Listen to the text about different drinks.



Answer the questions:

1) Which two types of lassi are mentioned in the text?
2) When is lassi most popular?
3) What is the difference between horchata and a milkshake?
4) Where do tiger nuts grow?
5) Why do farmers like to drink gubdi?
6) What is the second name of baobab fruit?
7) Where do people drink tamarind juice?
8) How does tamarind juice usually taste?




Задания можно отправлять с 15 января по 10 февраля 2018

с помощью этой электронной формы.



Главная страница с заданиями



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